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Female Chromosomes Offer Resilience to Alzheimer’s

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Update on Alzheimer Disease Research

HudsonAlpha Virtual Event
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GnomAD: Stunning Variation Seen in Largest Collection of Human Genomes


TET2 in Neurodegenerative Disease

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Mutations in Epigenetic Gene Linked to Neurodegeneration


Dementia Leaders Gather For Launch of Latin American Research Initiative



Consortia Assemble Worldwide to Take on Lewy Body Dementia


Interview: Genetics of FTD and ALS


11th ICFTD Meeting in Sydney Sorts Out Clinical Subtypes


Rahul Desikan, MD, PhD discusses his battle with ALS

ABC News Good Morning America
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UCSF Researcher Identifies Risk Genes for ALS

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New Genetic Method Connects Immune Genes to Alzheimer's


Study Shows Shared Genetic Risks for Alzheimer's and Autoimmune Disease

Genetic Overlap Between Alzheimer's, Immune-Mediated Diseases

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Brain Region Vulnerable to Aging is Larger in Those with Longevity Gene Variant

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A fateful gene may make us smarter — for a while, at least

LA Times

Gene linked to long life also protects against mental decline in old age

The Guardian

"Long life" gene might also make some smarter

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Gene variant associated with better aging, cognitive function, study finds

Fox News Health


Miguel E. Rentería
Summer 2021
Miguel Rentería was awarded the Diversity in Parkinson’s research grant from the American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA).  This project will follow 1,000 Mexican Parkinson’s disease patients over two years and will provide novel insights about their clinical, cognitive, epidemiological, social, and genetic diversity. Miguel also completed the GBHI fellowship and is now a Lifelong Fellow.

Stefanie Piña-Escudero
Spring & Summer 2021
Stefanie Pina-Escudero was recently awarded three grants: the Seed Grant from the Latin American Brain Health Institute (April 2021), the Weill Institute Women in Neurosciences grant for Research Support for Female Learners Impacted by COVID-19 (May 2021), and the WINGS Staff Development Grant (August 2021). She also presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and Satellite Symposium, as well as at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting. She has also published five new articles.

Dan Sirkis
February & March 2021
Dan Sirkis was lead author on "The Role of Microglia in Inherited White-Matter Disorders and Connections to Frontotemporal Dementia", recently published in the journal Applied Clinical Genetics. Dan was also awarded a Tau Consortium Fellowship for the Tau Consortium Investigators’ Meeting in February, during which he gave a “lightning round” presentation.

Adit Friedberg
January 2021
Adit Friedberg won a Hillblom Foundation Fellowship Grant for her project "Transcriptional landscape of cellular senescence in the human brain in healthy aging and in neurodegenerative diseases." Mentors on this scientific work are Drs. Bruce Miller and Jennifer Yokoyama. Adit was also appointed as the behavioral neurologist leading the Clinical Genetic Conferences in the Memory and Aging Center, in which the team discusses special cases that warrant additional genetic testing.