Our group studies the genetics underlying neurodegeneration in diverse populations, with a particular focus on Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia. Utilizing novel statistical genetics approaches, we probe the relationships between genomic variation, brain structure, and cognitive/behavioral function to elucidate genetic contributions to selective vulnerability for neurodegenerative disease. We also assess transcriptomic profiles in the periphery and brain to identify new biomarkers of disease. Finally, we engage in collaborations with basic researchers to translate findings from clinical cohorts to in vitro and in vivo models of disease to improve our understanding of underlying disease biology. We believe that understanding how genetic variation affects brain structure and function, in both healthy aging and clinical populations, will be critical for developing effective therapeutics for neurodegenerative disease.




Neurogenetics of Disease

  • To elucidate contributions to clinical heterogeneity in the face of shared genetic risk.
  • To predict disease risk from polygenic variation.

Neurogenetics of Healthy Cognitive Aging

  • To identify cognitive enhancers of baseline brain structure and function.
  • To identify genes that promote cognitive maintenance in aging.




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KCBS - Dr. Yokoyama was featured on KCBS to talk about Dr. Celeste Karch and Dr. Rahul Desikan's recently published work that identifies a genetic overlap between ALS and FTD. Listen here.

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KLOTHO and healthy brain aging

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