Jessie's Magical Journey

Laboyama is VERY happy to announce the "official" welcoming of Jessie S. Carr into the lab family. Her journey through grad school was indeed winding and arduous, but when an individual assembles circuit boards and cultures mold (in the name of science) at an age when other kids are usually learning how to fold a shirt, it becomes obvious that her success in grad school was never in doubt. Thus, Jessie's exit seminar was a great opportunity for friends and family to celebrate her accomplishments... as well as her love for unicorns.


   Jen's presentation set a magical (and motivational) tone for the night and Jessie trotted through an excellent recap of her work.


                                                                                                  This actually happened.


                                                                         The Laboyama cheer section was strong.

















We believe in you, Jessie.


                                                                                               Jessie's non-unicorn (human) friends.


                                                                             The end of a magical grad school journey is also the beginning of a mystical post doc adventure.


We should put that human group photo on the public side of the website!!