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Dr. Yokoyama was featured on KCBS to talk about Dr. Celeste Karch and Dr. Rahul Desikan's recently published work that identifies a genetic overlap between ALS and FTD. Listen here.

Jessie's Magical Journey

Laboyama is VERY happy to announce the "official" welcoming of Jessie S. Carr into the lab family. Her journey through grad school was indeed winding and arduous, but when an individual assembles circuit boards and cultures mold (in the name of science) at an age when other kids are usually learning how to fold a shirt, it becomes obvious that her success in grad school was never in doubt. Thus, Jessie's exit seminar was a great opportunity for friends and family to celebrate her accomplishments... as well as her love for unicorns.

End of Summer KBBQ

Many people cherish summer for its pleasant weather. Others delight in the increased capacity to accomplish more each day due to extended daylight hours. Of course Laboyama took advantage of both as it experienced an influx of familiar and new summer members (shoutout to Luke, Natasha, Steven and Juliana), while also officially welcoming Jessie and Ale into the clan. Needles to say the body to chair ratio was impressively high in the office this summer, and must have set some ns205 suite record.


    Snowmote Workday 2K17

     The lab members take advantage of Cesar Chavez day to make some turns in the snow. 


Sweet Suite Social of NS205

                                           Ethan, Jen, Jennifer, Ale, Jessie, Jeff, Baby Chocolate, Suzee, Caiyan (12/16/2016)


...also National Chocolate Covered Anything Day



The MAC band rocks out at Hardly Strictly (ft. Jen on flute)! 

Symphony of scientists 9/30/16





Farewell sushi lunch for Jia! 

Jia and Caiyan!
Jia, Jen, and cake